Andrew Lemmon, University of Alabama

Raghav Khanna, University of Toledo

Rolando Burgos, Virginia Tech University
Harish Suryanarayana, ABB
Terry Ericsen, Ericsen Innovations, LLC
Mohamad Zahzah, Ultra EMS
Dwight Alexander, Northrup Grumman
Aaron Brovont, PC Krause & Associates
Giorgio Sulligoi, University of Trieste
Ben Ford, Hepburn & Sons
Michael Mazzola, University of North Carolina Charlotte
Mona Ghassemi, Virginia Tech University
Marie Lawson, Ingalls Industries – Newport News Shipbuilding
Jim Turso, Ingalls Industries – Newport News Shipbuilding
Fletcher Fleming, DRS Technologies
Salem Elsaiah, State University of New York
Stephen Kuznetsov, Raytheon
Patrick Lewis, Hepburn & Sons
Brandon Grainger, University of Pittsburg
Rob Cuzner, University of Wisconsin Milwaukee
Michael Hontz, NSWC-Philadelphia
Robert Irwin, NSWC-Philadelphia
Christina DiMarino, Virginia Tech University
Ali Bazzi, University of Connecticut
Ali Davoudi, University of Texas Arlington
Timothy McCoy, University of Michigan
Zareh Soghomonian, FRDA, LLC
David Wetz, University of Texas at Arlington
Mischa Steurer, Florida State University

Virtual Conference due to COVID-19

IEEE and the Organizing Committee of ESTS 2021 have been monitoring the uncertainties surrounding the COVID-19 pandemic. Although we were eager for a return to a sense of normality and the opportunity to meet at in-person events again, continuing concerns and unpredictability over health, travel and gathering restrictions make it impossible to plan and deliver a high-quality traditional conference. After much thought, deliberation and discussion, the Organizing Committee members have reached a consensus that moving ESTS 2021 to be fully virtual is the best option. 


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